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Our expert are allways ready to create new innovations and research. We have our own R&D team which works to save this sandalwood plant and make it more better. Our experts work hard to get rich heartwood from plant to create rich sandalwood oil and powder from it.


Sandalwood tree is native to India, Australia and some part of indonesia and hawaii. Mostly sandalwood is well known for its fragrance by its content many cosmetics, perfumes and medicine products become rich. Its tall enough upto 40 meters and its maturiy age is at 15 to 16 years. After maturation its heartwood gives rich oil and powder which is highly demandable in international market.


Sandalwood is plant from class of genus santalum. Its an heavy yellow fine grained wood which has aromatic fragrance. Sandalwood with its rich wood and valuable fragrance oil has ancient history of its use and today its highly demandable by large and small industries. Due to its rich valuable content it has high demand in global market.

In India two species of sandalwood family found white sandalwood and red sandalwood. The fragrant wood is use as incense, medicine and for carvings. From the heartwood of tree oil is extracted which is use in perfume industries. All part of sandalwood come to use for making oil and powder too.

Our Mission

Our mission and vision is to develop an eco system of sandalwood for long term. We are working to prserve this valuable tree to show its beauty of fragrance to world. Our motto is to save environment and to create eco friendly products which will do not leave any harmfull effects on environment.

product development

Product Development

Brain Chamber Technology is engaged from plantation till creation of eco frindly sandalwood oil/powder from quality matured heartwood. We manufaccture quality products goes from quality control sections. We make research to improve its quality and satisfy our client needs.

consulting service

Consulting Services

Brain Chamber Technology helps to develop the sandalwood farm and consult to make it more profitable. Our experts will consult from plantation of sandalwood plants on farm till making commercial products from matured tree.

What We Offer

Our sandalwood is not only good looking but it has excellent fragrance and forms becouse we direct fetch it from source. We do not use any genetic modifications to stimulate heartwood or oil productions. Rather our sandalwood is original gets after its maturity complete which produce high quality heartwood and oil.

Legal Supply

We Export and supply original wood and oil products across Indain and Global Market.

Reliable Consistent Products

We have our own sandalwood farms from which we produce products after maturation of heartwood within strict quality controls.

Medicinal Grade Products

Our sandalwood oil/powder is of medicinal grade which is manufacture according to quality assurance use for medcine in pharma industries.

Eco Friendly

Our sandalwood oil/powder are eco friendly made using water recycling and renewable source.

Contain Sustainable Ingredient

We manufacture our products according to ISO standards which made it high quality, more healthy and safety.

Genuine Supplier/Exporters

We supply/export 100% Genuine sandalwood oil/powder in global market works as per client needs and requirement.

Top Traders

We introduce some of the top traders who Supply/Export rich sandalwood products from India. They works from extraction of heartwood to make rich products from it.

  • Sandalwood Oil Specialist

    Sandalwood Oil Specialist company manufacture and supply sandalwood oil. Company has many years of experience in oil manufactuirng. They provides high quality information of sandalwood and sandalwood oil those who knows the value of this special tree.

  • Gupta Group

    Gupta Group of company is one of the biggest exporter of sandalwood and sandalwood products. The procure best quality sandalwood from state government auction only. They supply sandalwood in chips and flakes form.

  • Sandalwood Company

    Sandalwood Company manufacture and supply 100% diluted pure mysure sandalwood oil for perfume industries. They supply oil out india in packe from 1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 20ml, and 100ml as per the requirements.

  • Achu Trading Company

    This is renowned manufacturing company of sandalwood oil, chips and sandalwood powder on large scale. They have own distilation manufacturing unit and export all the sandalwood product in global market.

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